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Work Visa

Work Visa for Australia

Australia’s strong economy makes it the first choice and desired destination for such people, who are looking for work visas. To get a Work Visa for Australia in Gujrat,  Adan Consultancy facilitates Pakistanis in every single step of your visa process. To fulfill your visa requirements, Our visa experts deal with and examine the background details and the goals of your visa application. Our Visa consultants edit your status to ensure the approval of your Work Visa for Australia in Gujrat. In short, Adan Consultancy provides the best visa services for your work visa solutions.

Study visa for Australia, Australia Flag

As Australian government offers an ample number of career opportunities to work visa holders. The attractive benefits such as a minimum wage of AUD 21.38 per hour, a well-developed pension system, and extraordinary living standards, make Australia a dreamland for all work seekers in the world.

Requirements for an Australian work visa from Pakistan

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Previous passports.
  3. Academic documents.
  4. Application form for an Australian work visa.
  5. Proof of application fee for a work visa in Australia.
  6. Bank statements.       
  7. English proficiency tests like IELTS or PTE.
  8. Photographs of passport size. (At least two).
  9. Bank balance.
  10. Medical insurance.
  11. Police Certificate.
  12. Experience of at least 1-2 years (in your relevant field).
  13. Possessing a valid job offer from Australia.

Start your process of Australian Work Permit at Adan Consultancy

Adan Consultancy enables individuals to achieve the opportunity of a work visa for Australia. Our track record includes a successful visa ratio in Australia including the rejected ones. Our services include:

Timely Submission: Adan consultancy team trusts in accurate and punctual submission. Our visa consultants always focus on minimizing the unnecessary delay. It is our priority to stay up-to-date with your application’s progress.

Regulatory Expertise: We navigate different immigration regulations, safeguarding applications from different obstacles. Our visa experts deal with and examine the background details and the goals of applicants. We edit your status to ensure the approval of your work visa for Australia.

Why Adan Consultancy only

Adan Consultancy is your pathway to get a work visa for Australia. With excellence in services, we’re your reliable partner. We ensure you a transparent communication along with a regular data submission.

We strictly follow the consultancy roles and regulations and make sure that you can easily get a work visa for Australia. So, let us start your new chapter in Australia with awaiting opportunities.


The Australian work visa has age limits from 18-30 but in some cases, the limit extends from 18-35.

To have an Australian work visa, you must have to pass the IELTS test with bands 6.0 in each part. This test will show that you are a competent English speaker and eligible for an Australian work visa.

There are two steps to get a work visa for Australia.

Work visa:

If you are seeking a suitable employment in Australia. Then the temporary work visa is appropriate for you, which comes under the category of subclass 400.

Working holiday visa:

If you want to spend your holidays in Australia and at the same time you want to work there as well, then the working holiday visa should be your first choice.