What documents are required for Australia Immigration Visa ?

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Things to do before applying for Australian Immigration Visa from Pakistan

Are you Planning to migrate Australia? Complete your documents for Australian Immigration Visa first. This blog will give you detail about What documents are required for Australia Immigration Visa ?.


Possessing a Valid Passport:

To apply for an Australian immigration visa, a valid passport is mandatory. If you already possess, then it is well and good. Otherwise apply for it first as soon as possible. Remember your existing passport must have some blank pages.

If it is going to be finished soon, then apply for another passport for you. In case of possessing some previous passports, you can show them in your documents too. These previous passports will increase the changes of your visa approval.


National ID Card:

If you possess national identity card, then provide its scanned copy in your documents. if you have multiple identity cards, then submit only that ID Card, which represents your current residency.


Family Certificates:

Provide the copies of the following documentation;

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce Papers (in case you are aparted from your spouse)
  • If you ever changed your name, then provide its certificate as well.


Application Form for Australia Immigration Visa:

The first step is filling an application form for Australian immigration visa. While giving answers to all questions which are given in your application form, one thing you should keep in mind that is accuracy.

Be accurate while providing your personal information like date of birth, your parental names, your residential address similarly your official facts and figures like the passing out dates of your certificates, degrees, diplomas and transcripts.

A minor mistake in completing your application form can become a solid reason of your visa rejection. Meanwhile, this step also shows how much committed you are regarding your immigration visa for Australia.


Provide evidence of Application Fee:

In the list of your documents, make sure that you have submitted the evidence of your application fee, which you will pay for the application form of your Australian immigration visa. The proof of your application fee will confirm that the process of your visa application is being started . So, don’t forget to provide it.


Academic Documents:

It is compulsory to submit all academic documents when you apply for an immigration visa. This documentation will proof that how much you are capable to apply for an Australian immigration visa.


Written Job Offer from Australia:

Before apply for an immigration visa, it will be better for you to search for a suitable job in Australia first. For this visit Work Visa. If you possess a reasonable job offer, then show your written job letter in the documents. No doubt, it will significantly increase the possibilities of getting an immigration visa.


English Language Test:

To apply for Australian immigration visa, it is compulsory for all visa seekers to have a bit command in English language. If you are living in an English-speaking community then it will be well and good for you. But in case of being a non-English speaker, you will have to pass an English Language test like IELTS or PTE etc.

It is also necessary to get reasonable bands in your English language test as well because it will affect your visa case a lot. Submit your result in documents to show that how much you are proficient in English language.


Show your Earning Resources:

Mention your earning resources to show that you are financial stable and pretty much capable to cover all living expenditures in Australia. This evidence will boom your visa case as well.


Proof of Accommodation in Australia:

Provide a legal documentation regarding your suitable accommodation in Australia. No matter if it is a rental agreement or you have a confirmation from your family member or from your friend, who are already residing there.


Provide Work Experience:

To boom your immigration visa for Australia, include the proof of your past work experience as well but your previous work should be relevant to your current job offer in Australia. This relevancy will surely strengthen your visa application and will enhance the chances of your visa approval.


Police Certificate:

Your police insurance will proof that you are a civilized person. This certificate will work as evidence that you were not involved in any criminal activity in the past and right now you do not possess any bad habit.

Such evidences of your good code of conduct and strong character will certainly add fire to the fuel. In fact, your police certificate will ensure the Australian government that you will be a good addition in their state.


Health Insurance:

Before starting visa application process, it is necessary to arrange your medical clearance certificate. The proof of your medical checkup will affirm that you are a healthy person. This ensures that you are fit for travelling and by using this certificate you can also get healthcare facilities in Australia, in case you will need it in future.


Passport Size Photographs (At least two):

In your documents, must provide at least two passport-sized photographs. These additional photographs will use in your visa application process for Australia.


Travel History:

No doubt, your travel history will support your immigration visa application for Australia. This travel record includes your international tours regarding business, education, work or tourism etc. You can include your international trips with your friends or family also come under the category of travel history.


Bank Statements:

Provide evidence of a reasonable bank statement because it is required to express that you are financially stable. A strong economic position gives surety to Australian government that in case of getting immigration visa, you can support yourself in Australia easily.


Nomination for an appropriate occupation:

This step is also necessary for getting an immigration visa for Australia. More here, you need to get the required points in your overall score as well.

In short, a Successful process of Australian immigration visa includes gathering all required documents. Ensure the accuracy of your official data. Make it well-presented. For any further query, visit the visa consultants of Adan Consultancy and start your new journey.




What are the benefits of getting an Australian Immigration visa:

  • Minimum wage of AUD 21.38 per hour.
  • Well-developed pension system.
  • Extraordinary living standards.

These attractive benefits make Australia a dreamland for all immigration seekers in the world.


Which visa category is best for immigration to Australia?

  1. Subclass 887.
  2. Subclass 189.
  3. Subclass 191.

These are the most popular work visas which can lead you to have permanent residency PR in Australia. So, you can use them for your immigration purposes.


What is the required IELTS score for an immigration visa for Australia?

To get an Australian immigration visa, you must have at least a 6.0 score in IELTS. It means you need to get 5.0 in each module of the English proficiency test.


What is the process of Australian immigration from Pakistan?

To get PR in Australia;

“Australia’s Permanent Migration Program” is the most popular way to get an Australian immigration visa. This program includes skilled, family and special eligibility visa categories as well. Another way to get PR in Australia is on “Humanitarian grounds”.


How much money is required for Australian immigration from Pakistan?

Australian Immigration visa has different visa categories:

  • Skilled Visa
  • Partner Visa
  • Business Visa. Etc.

Each visa type has a different cost and it varies according to your case nature. However, the overall estimated cost of these visa types is approximately $8000 to $15000.

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