What documents are required for a Canadian Immigration Visa?

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A Guideline for Pakistani Immigration Visa Seekers

If you dream to go Canada and start a new chapter of your life then no worries, Adan Consultancy is here to help, guide and facilitate you by providing basic information that What documents are required for a Canadian Immigration Visa. Your journey to get settled in Canada and live and work permanently, needs to meet the criteria of a checklist of documents. To have a smooth procedure of visa application, this blog will  give you a bird eye view that what documents are required for a Canadian Immigration Visa.


Valid Passport:

You must have a passport and it should be valid as well. Before you are applying for an immigration visa for Canada, make sure that your passport must have some blank pages in it, otherwise (in case, if it is already nearly filled then) apply for a new passport as early as possible. Similarly, if you possess any previous passport or passports then you can bring them too.


Academic Documentation:

To apply for a Canadian immigration visa you need to gather your academic documentation which include your certificates, diplomas, degrees or transcripts. The proof of your qualification is required in order to prove that you are pretty much suitable for any visa which comes under the category of permanent residency (PR).


Application form for a Canadian immigration visa.

Be careful while completing the application form for an immigration visa for Canada. Fill the application form accurately because this is your key step to show that how much you are eager to move Canada.


Proof of application fee for a Canadian immigration visa.

Show the proof of your application fee, which you will pay to apply for an immigration visa of Canada, because this application fee will work as evidence that your visa application is in progress.


Bank Statements:

Planning to move abroad needs a financial stability as to apply for an immigration visa for Canada, you must have to show a required bank statement. Actually, it demonstrates your economical position that how much you can support yourself in case of moving Canada.

English Proficiency Tests:

If you are not living in an English-speaking community or English is not your native language, then you have to pass an English language test like IELTS or PTE. Showcase your test result as a proof that how much you are proficient in English Language.


Passport Size Photographs (At least two):

In your documents must Include your passport-sized photographs. These photos should be two at least, because they will use in further procedure of visa.


Medical Insurance:

To apply for an immigration visa, must arrange your medical certificate. It ensures that you are all fine and it will help you to get access any healthcare center in Canada as well.


Police Certificate:

Must get a police certificate to proof that you are a civilized person with good code of conduct and a strong impressive character. The police certificate increases the chance of visa approval. In its absence, there is a pretty chance that you will have rejection for Canadian immigration visa.


Proof of Financial Means:

It is necessary to provide proper evidence of your source of earning because it ensures that you are financially stable. It reveals that you possess a reasonable source of income in your country and can maintain your living expenditures in Canada. The proof of your financial means could be in the form of any asset (or assets), income etc.


Proof of Accommodation in Canada:

Before applying for an immigration visa for Canada, must gather legal documentation of your existing accommodation in Canada. It is not necessary that you must own it. No matters, if it is a rental arrangement (in this case, must show your rental agreement) or a confirmed agreement from your family member or any friend. These belonging people should present in Canada .


Travel History:

Travel history can enhance the possibility of getting an immigration visa for Canada. So, if you ever travelled abroad then be happy, it is a good sign for you as it will boom your case study but remember this travel history is just about international tours no matter for which purpose you have gone out of country like for business, study, trip, visit someone (family or friend), work etc.


Written Job Offer from Canada:

if you have a written job offer from Canada, then surely it is a key to get your Canadian immigration visa. If you have applied for a job in Canada, then don’t forget to receive a hard copy of that job letter, because usually international negotiations are in email form, its ok for casual but for visa application form, it is necessary to keep your written job letter in your documents.


Provincial Nomination:

Submit your provincial nomination (if you have one) as it also increases the chances of your Canadian immigration visa approval.


Proof of Work Experience:

Must demonstrate your work experience by submitting your experience letter or letters in your documentations, but your previous work should be relevant to your upcoming job. If you add this segment in your legal documents, then you will surely strengthen your immigration visa application for Canada.


The process of Canadian immigration includes showing your academic evidences, English language proficiency, financial settlement, and any job offered by Canadian employer or any nominations. Be careful while gathering all stuff and make sure your all data should be flawless and up to mark as it will surely make your journey to Canada smoother and eventually successful as well. So, what you are waiting for?




What is IRCC Program for Canadian Immigration Visa?

A program like “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada” (IRCC) is present for the category of immigration visa.  The IRCC program facilitates people from all over the world to apply and receive an immigration visa. This visa category will surely allow them to live and work in Canada. The applicant has to go through a complete visa process. To apply for an Immigration visa for Canada, you must gather and submit all the required documents which are listed by IRCC.


How a Pakistani can get an immigration visa for Canada?

Nowadays, the most popular process to immigrate to Canada is the “economic immigration process”. This process has approximately 100 existing immigration procedures. One of these is known as the “Federal Skilled Worker Program” (FSWP).


What is the cost of a Canadian immigration visa from Pakistan?

A Pakistani applicant needs approximately CAD 15,500 to immigrate to Canada. This figure is specified for individual applicants. If you are a couple then you need almost CAD 21,000 to move from Pakistan to Canada. In the case of family or children, you must possess an amount between $25,000 to CAD 30,000.


What is the easiest process for Pakistanis to get an immigration visa?

Express Entry System” is the most popular and efficient system for Pakistanis to immigrate to Canada. This process ensures your way to get permanent residency in Canada as well. In this program, you must be a highly skilled person. This program is based on points, and they will consider your work experience, education and professional skills as well.


Being Pakistani, who can sponsor me in Canada on behalf of an immigration visa?

  • Your spouse.
  • Your common-law partner in Canada.
  • Your partner in Canada.
  • Your son or daughter.

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