A Digital Revolution for Schengen Visa Applications by EU

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EU now uses digital visas for the Schengen area—no need for appointments at consulates or service offices

A Digital Revolution for Schengen Visa Applications by the EU change will bring a huge change in visa services because it means that any applicant will not need to book an appointment or get any stickers on their passports anymore.

As, the Interior Minister of Spain, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, says that this online visa system will surely make it easier for travelers to apply than ever.


The visa applicants for Europe’s Schengen area will soon be able to use this online platform, as declared by EU foreign ministers on Monday. After this digital shift, applicants will not have any need to get a passport sticker. Moreover, the appointment requirement at consulates or service providers’ offices will also removed.

After long discussions and decisions, this new rule has become public. This rule will become official just three weeks after its announcement. it is announced in the administrative gazette of the EU will break this exclusive news officially. it is expected to launch soon.

The total number of member countries of the EU is 27, but this change is particularly applicable to the Schengen area, which includes around 23 countries of the EU along with its neighboring countries like Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland, etc.

The Interior Minister of Spain Fernando Grande-Marlaska, whose country enjoys the EU presidency, says about this online visa system that it will surely simplify the application process for travelers.

Digitalization Process of Schengen Visa Includes

Digital Revolution for Schengen Visa if this superb idea becomes a reality, then an applicant who wants to apply for short stays in the Schengen area will have to upload:

  • Documents
  • Data about their travel history
  • Electronic copies of their travel documents
  • Biometric information
  • Pay fees

An online platform will submit all these documents, that sounds good.

After Schengen Visa Approval

If your visa is approved after the database cross-checks, then you will receive either a barcode, which will be signed cryptographically and you have to print it off or, you will store it in a device.

Exceptional Cases of Digital Visa for Schengen 

However, in some exceptional cases, the individuals will need to get an in-person appointment, like people who are applying for the first time or those who possess a new passport, if they have updated biometric data, then they must have a visit before any further procedure.

Some countries like Australia, possess such developed systems where an applicant must have to connect his online visa to his passport and no physical sticker is required there at all.


In addition, citizens of about 60 countries, like Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, who are applying for Schengen visas for short visits, do not require any physical stickers anymore. Still, they now will need to apply online for their pre-screened entry through a system called the European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS), which is just similar to the system of the United States named ESTA.

So, everyone who is entering the European Union, whether with visas, or by visa waivers, or through ETIAS, they all will have to go through an automated EU Entry/Exit System (EES). The delay in implementation is affecting the performance of this computerized system, which is still under consideration. This unique system will record details of applicants and biometric data as well. It promises to keep track of overstays and the entries of refused visas as well. It will also note the dates of entry and exit.

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