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Study Visa for USA

September 2024 intake in International Universities. There are two categories for applying at international Universities in 2024. First category is for such students who have passed intermediate and second is for degree holder students. Before apply, read detail information about Study Visa for USA in Jhelum, Pakistan.America is a warm welcoming host for most international students. US provides higher education for all international students at affordable prices too. No doubt, a study visa for USA is a key to access the world’s most developed education system. As the education system of United States enjoys its dominancy all over the world. The basic reason behind this fact is that the US reserves a massive amount for the expenditures of its educational department, which makes it simply the best.

usa picture with title Study Visa for USA: Here is what you need What documents are required for a USA study visa?

To avail the opportunity of getting a student visa for such a country that devotes a huge amount of budget to its education system, Adan consultancy facilitates you in selecting the right university and helps you in the process of getting a Study Visa for USA in Jhelum, Pakistan.

Here, Adan Consultancy evaluates the academic backgrounds and career goals of students. For Pakistani students’ ease, we also provide you with a list of recommended universities.

Then we edit your personal statement in order to get a student visa and to ensure your success in getting higher education as well. Furthermore, your personal statement is edited, ensuring you succeed in receiving an offer of Study Visa for USA in Jhelum, Pakistan.

Reasons to get US Student Visa

Quality of education.

Unique pattern for curriculum.

Multicultural environment.

Abundant learning opportunities.

Level of Degrees in USA

U.S.A universities offer different levels of degree- programs for international students present in all around the world. The provided programs are:

  • Bachelor (B.A/B.Sc.)
  • Master (M.A/M.Sc.)
  • PHD
  • MBBS
  • Engineering

Requirements for US Student Visa

  1. Possessing passport.
  2. Providing proof of having financial support.
  3. IELTS.
  4. Passport-size photographs.
  5. Academic documents.
  6. Application form for U.S.A study visa.
  7. Acceptance letter from your recommended U.S.A University.
  8. Proof of fee submission from a designated U.S.A university.
  9. Latest degree for a relevant discipline in order to get further studies.
  10. Medical certificate.
  11. A clear criminal record.
  12. List of your siblings.


Although the required bank balance is not fixed an estimated calculation shows that approximately 10,000 USD are needed for a USA study visa from Pakistan.

The required IELTS score for study in the USA varies from one university to another. Normally universities accept IELTS scores of around about 6-6.5. but if you want to get education in the top universities of America, then your band should be at least 7- 7.5 in the IELTS course.

It depends upon the nature of your case. It can be compiled within one week or can take a couple of months too. Normally, it takes a few days for your visa to process and just after two or three days your passport is in your hand.