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Study Visa For Australia

September 2024 intake in International Universities. There are two categories for applying at international Universities in 2024. First category is for such students who have passed intermediate and second is for degree holder students. Before apply, read detail information about Study Visa for Australia in Gujrat, Pakistan doubt, every second student wants to get a study visa for Australia just because of its superb quality and exclusive system of education.  In fact, Australian certificates are warmly welcomed all around the world. In short, study abroad and especially in a notable country like Australia is a key to career opportunities for all international students including Pakistani students. The strong reputation of Australian colleges and universities makes it many international students’ first choice for a student visa, because its educational system provides a huge range of research facilities and training.


Study visa for Australia, Australia Flag

To avail the opportunity to get an education in such a country that devotes a huge amount of budget to its education system, Adan Consultancy facilitates you in selecting the right university and helps you in the process of getting a study visa for Australia in Gujrat, Pakistan. Here, Adan Consultancy evaluates the academic backgrounds and career goals of students. For an easy procedure of getting a study visa for Australia in Gujrat, Pakistan, we also provide a list of recommended universities.Then we edit your statement to ensure your success in getting higher education.

Furthermore, your statement is edited, ensuring you succeed in receiving an offer of study abroad. So, it is your time to make history.

Reasons to get Australian student visa

Universally appreciated qualification.

Pioneering research opportunities.

The possibility of migration.

Level of Degrees in Australia

Australian universities offer different levels of degree- programs for international students present in all around the world. The provided programs are:
  • Bachelor (B.A/B.Sc.)
  • Master (M.A/M.Sc.)
  • PHD
  • MBBS
  • Engineering

Requirements for Australian Study Visa

  1. Valid passport.
  2. Passport-size photographs.
  3. Bank statement.
  4. Providing proof of having financial support.
  5. Acceptance letter from your recommended Australian university.
  6. Proof of fee submission from a designated Australian university.
  7. Application form for an Australian study visa.
  8. Academic documents.
  9. IELTS.
  10. Latest degree for a relevant discipline to get further studies.
  11. A clear criminal record.
  12. Medical checkup and Insurance.


An Australian study visa requires a bank balance round about A$21,041. This amount is necessary to fulfill living expenditures, academic fees, health care and to have a return ticket.

Australian overseas students can apply to bring their parents or other family members on the behave of their initial study visa application. For this purpose, you have to mention your family members on your study visa application. No matter, if you don’t plan to take them immediately.

Sure, in case of any change in course duration, an international student can extend their study visa to Australia. However, the application should be submitted before the ex-visa expiry.