Study Visa for Canada: Visa Process, Visa Requirements, Visa Fee, Visa Services

Study Visa for Canada: Visa Process, Visa Requirements, Visa Fee, Visa Services

What documents I need before applying for a Canadian Study Visa?


Do you want to study abroad? No worries, your dream can become reality because, Canadian government has very easy procedure of Study Visa for Canada: Visa Process, Visa Requirements, Visa Fee, Visa Services etc. Adan Consultancy is here to facilitate you to obtain a Canadian study visa. Your journey to get higher education in Canada, needs to meet the criteria of a checklist of documents. To have a smooth procedure of study visa application, you must have to gather the following documents first.


Enrollment slip:

To apply for a study visa for Canada, don’t forget to submit your enrollment slip in your documents because this slip ensures that you have applied in a Canadian university.


An appropriate visa application form:

Be careful while completing the application form for Canadian student visa. The application form must be filled accurately because this is your key step to show that how much you are eager to study in Canada.


Proof of fee-submission from a Canadian University:

You need to show the proof of your application fee, which you will pay to apply for a study visa of Canada, because this application fee will work as a proof that your visa application is processed.


Academic Documentation:

To get a student visa for Canada, it is essential to gather your academic documentation which include your certificates, diplomas, degrees or transcripts. The proof of your qualification is required in order to prove that you are pretty much capable to study abroad.


A clear criminal record:

To apply for a student visa for Canada, you need to have a police certificate. It will proof that you are a civilized person, possessing a strong and impressive character. The police certificate increases the chance of visa acceptance, because in its absence, there is a pretty chance that your application for Canadian student visa could be rejected.


Medical certificate for health clearance:

To apply for a study visa, must arrange your medical certificate because it ensures that you are all fine and it will help you to get access any healthcare center in Canada as well.


Passport Size Photographs (At least two):

In your documents must Include your passport-sized photographs. at least, because they will be used in further procedure of visa.


Bank Statement (about 4-6 Months):

Planning to study abroad needs a financial stability, as to apply for a Canadian student visa you must have to show a required bank statement. Actually, it demonstrates your economical position that how much you can support yourself in case of studying in Canada.


IELTS for Study Visa:

You have to pass an English language test like IELTS before going to apply for a study visa in Canada. You must have to showcase your test result as evidence that what level of proficiency you possess regarding English Language.


Valid Passport:

You must have a valid passport. Before you are applying for a Canadian study visa, check the expiry date of your passport. If it is going to be expired, then apply for a new passport as early as possible. This checklist of documents is essential for a Canadian study visa from Pakistan.




How much rupees required to study in Canada?


The tuition fees of Canadian universities are varied. Fees depend upon the tuition of universities in Canada is determined by the type of qualification and institution an applicant chooses. International students require between 7.63 lakhs to 20.55 lakhs per year to cover it. Thus, the average cost of studying in Canada’ best colleges in terms of tuition fees can reach 18,84,000.


What is the minimum bank balance for Canadian study visa in 2024?


The minimum bank statement for a study visa in Canada is almost C$10,000 per year but it has increased up to C$20,635 for 2024 because of increase in living cost in Canada.


What is average or monthly income of a student in Canada?

How much a student can earn in Canada?

What is the part time income of a student in Canada?

The average and monthly income of any international student is not fix at all, because it depends upon the type of job as well as the city of student. The average hourly wage for foreign students in Canada is in between $13 to $20.42 per hour.


What is a minimum bank balance required for a Canadian study visa from Pakistan?

To fulfill everyday life-needs, the minimum bank balance requires for a Canadian study visa is approximately 10,000 CAD.


What is the minimum IELTS score is necessary for a Canadian study visa from Pakistan?

Required minimum IELTS score for Canadian study visa is 6.0. No band should be less than 5.5. to consider your English language proficiency, CLB level are measured.

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