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Spouse Visa for USA

Being a land of opportunities, the United States is truly a dreamland for many visa seekers in the world. To attain the opportunity of Spouse Visa for USA in Gujrat Adan Consultancy facilitates Pakistanis in every step of visa process. The United States offers a pathway for willing couples to reunite and build a life together using this visa type. That’s why people from all corners of the world wish to live in USA with their families or spouses through the spouse visa process. So, to get a Spouse Visa for USA in Gujrat, what you are waiting for?

US allows the spouse visa holder to stay for up to 120 days. However, it’s important to note that the spouse visa cannot be extended beyond 120 days, except in exceptional cases.

Requirements for American Spouse Visa

  1. Possessing of a valid passport.
  2. Need to Submit your required documents for USA spouse visa.
  3. Scheduling an appointment for your spouse’s visa interview.
  4. Attending the scheduled interview.
  5. Essential documents which include:
    • Your birth certificate.
    • Your marriage certificate.
    • Death/divorce certificate of your previous spouse.
    • Passport-sized photographs.
  6. Provide evidence demonstrating the genuineness of your relationship, such as:
    • Shared housing bills.
    • Photograph.
    • Joint bank statements.
    • Messages.
    • Emails.
  7. Financial records.
  8. Medical examination results.
  9. Police clearance certificate.

Tips for USA Spouse Visa Interview

  • Express a deep bond with your home country.
  • Demonstrate fluent English communication.
  • Speak for yourself.
  • Keep your responses brief.
  • Ensure you have additional documentation on hand.
  • Familiarize yourself with your “visa program.”
  • Explain how the spouse visa aligns with your career plans.
  • Clearly state why you’ve chosen America.
  • Discuss your current employment.
  • Describe your financial status.

Start your process for US Spouse visa at Adan Consultancy

The main goal of Adan Consultancy is to guide Pakistanis in attaining the opportunity of a spouse visa in America, that’s why the track record of Adan Consultancy includes a successful visa ratio of USA including the rejected ones. Our services include:

Timely Submission: The visa experts of Adan consultancy trust in accurate and punctual submission, because we always focus on minimizing unnecessary delays. It is our first priority to stay up-to-date with your application’s progress.

Regulatory Expertise: Firstly, visa consultants of our agency navigate different immigration regulations, safeguarding applications from different obstacles. Secondly, the team of Adan Consultancy deals with and examines the background details as well as the goals of applicants, after this we team edits your status to ensure your USA spouse visa approval. 

Why Adan Consultancy only

Adan Consultancy is your pathway to the USA spouse visa. With excellence in services, we’re your reliable partner and  ensure you a transparent communication along with a regular data submission.

In short, we strictly follow the consultancy roles and regulations and make sure that you can easily get family or spouse visa opportunities. So, let us start your new chapter in America with your loved ones.


Is an interview necessary for a U.S.A spouse visa?

If the applicant holds a green card, they can bring their spouse within 6-24 months. The specific timeline depends on the nature of the applicant’s case.

Usually, it takes approximately 11-30 months for the approval of a U.S.A spouse visa.

Common questions asked during the American spouse visa interview include:
 What is the reason for your travel to America?
 Why have you chosen America?
 Where will you be staying in the United States?
 What are you currently engaged in Pakistan?
 Who will be financially supporting you during this trip?
 What is the expected duration of your stay in America?
Concluding all above,here Adan Consultancy arranges an easy way for a spouse visa, especially for those Pakistani who are willing to go USA and dream to live there as well. For all them, Adan Consultancy also provides information on how to get a spouse visa for USA as well.