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Spouse Visa for Canada

The rich economy of  Canada makes it a desired destination for Spouse visas worldwide. To attain the opportunity of a Spouse Visa for Canada in Gujrat Adan Consultancy facilitates Pakistanis in every step of visa process. To fulfill your visa requirements, Our visa experts deal with and examine the background details and the goals of your visa application. Our Visa consultants edit your status to ensure the approval of your Spouse Visa for Canada in Gujrat. In short, Adan Consultancy provides the best visa services for your spouse immigration visa solutions.


Canadian Flag with title Study Visa for Canada

Canada is an open country for availing a spouse visa. The Canadian government offers ample number of career opportunities for all immigration visa holders.In Canada, programs like (SPCLC) and family classes facilitate people from all over the world to apply for and receive a work permit visa. This work permit visa will surely allow them to live and work with their spouses, partners, and dependents as well. The applicant has to submit a complete application for permanent residence under their laws.

Benefits of a Spouse Visa for Canada

No IELTS is required.

Study opportunities for a spouse.

Job offers for a spouse.

A spouse can work in Canada.

The Canadian government provides martial benefits.

Applicant can take dependent child/children along with spouse.

Requirements of Sponsoring a Spouse Visa for Canada

  • Spouse should be 18 years old or above.
  • The first person must be: ⇒Canadian citizen. ⇒Permanent resident. ⇒Live in Canada. ⇒Prove that he/she will live in Canada after a successful visa application. ⇒Prove that he/she can supply the financial needs of a sponsored person or dependents.

Documentation for Canadian Spouse Visa

The required documentation for a spouse- sponsorship is:

  1. Civil Status Documents.
  2.  Travel Documents.
  3.  Police Certificates.
  4.  Financial Documents.
  5.  A copy of their marriage certificate.

The process of sponsorship application takes almost 12 months to complete its whole process. In some cases, the time duration can accede from one year. It depends upon the nature of someone’s case.

Must pay application fees.
During program processing, provide all required additional information.
Submission of online visa application.
Be in touch to be updated about online visa application.

If family members like spouse, partner or dependent children are processed for their permanent residence and provide that they are dependent as well. In this case, any applicant can bring them among him/her.

To sponsor a spouse, the applicant must be a permanent resident of Canada for the last five years.

To get Canadian residency with a newborn Canadian baby, the applicant needs to follow some legal ways in Canada. Normally, if an applicant does not have Canadian permanent residency or citizenship, in the case of a newborn baby, the applicant has to return to his/her home country along with the child. That’s the role of Canada.

Spouse visa required minimum bands in IELTS. 6 bands are enough for a Canadian spouse visa. The final CRS score should be disturbed.

Currently, the processing time limitation for Immigration Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC), is approximately one month. This time duration is just for spousal applicants in the procedure named: Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs).