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Job Alert: Avail Opportunities offered by Saudi Arabia-December 2023

Are you an experienced driver, skilled nurse, or dedicated household maid looking for new job opportunities? We have fantastic job offers for skilled people like you in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are driving a wheel, caring a patients, or managing household tasks, we have diverse job options for you.

Job Details

Company: Various Companies and Healthcare Facilities


  • Driver
  • Nurse
  • Household Maid

Employment Type

  • Full-time
  • Part-time

Location / Country: Saudi Arabia


  • Driver: At least 2+ years of driving experience is required.
  • Nurse: Minimum 2+ years of nursing experience.
  • Household Maid: Here experience duration can vary.


    • Driver: High School or equivalent.
    • Nurse: Nursing degree or diploma.
    • Household Maid: Basic education.

Other Required Documents for the Job

  • CV
  • ID Card
  • Valid Passport
  • Valid Nursing/Driving License
  • Make its PDF file
  • Language Skills (Basic English is enough for your job, but if you know some Arabic, that’s even better).

How to apply

  • Update your resume by mentioning your skills and experience.
  • Ready your documents. Make copies of your license and any certificates you possess.
  • Start hunting jobs. Check out job websites or your relevant sites for the latest available positions.
  • Follow given instructions, don’t waste time, and send your applications.

Facilities provided by the Saudi Government (FREE OF COST)

  • Food
  • Residence
  • Accommodation
  • Ticket
  • Medical
  • Transportation

Salary Package

Saudia Arabia offers considerable salaries, which can vary according to your skills, qualifications, and experience.

Our Services

Adan Consultancy has a direct contract with the government of Saudia Arabia. In Adan Consultancy, we upload your PDF file on the job Portal and in case of acceptance, we will provide you with a Free Ticket and a Free Visa. More here, we enable individuals to achieve the opportunity of a work visa for Saudia Arabia. Our track record includes a successful visa ratio in Australia including the rejected ones. Our services include:

Timely Submission

Adan consultancy team trusts in accurate and punctual submission. We always focus on minimizing the unnecessary delay. It is our priority to stay up-to-date with your application’s progress.

Regulatory Expertise

We navigate different immigration regulations, safeguarding applications from different obstacles. Our Visa Consultants deal with and examine the background details and the goals of applicants, after this, our Visa Experts edit your status to ensure the approval of your work visa for Saudia Arabia.

Why Adan Consultancy only

Adan Consultancy is your pathway to get a work visa for Saudia Arabia. With excellence in services, we’re your reliable partner. We ensure you a transparent communication along with a regular data submission.

We strictly follow the consultancy roles and regulations and make sure that you can easily avail a suitable job offer in Arab countries. So, let us start your new chapter in Saudia Arabia with awaiting opportunities.