Achieve your work, study and migration goals by doing IELTS  at Adan Consultancy. All International government agencies, educational institutions, and professional bodies accept IELTS more than any other English-language test.

IELTS at Adan Consultancy

Get ready to study, work or immigrate abroad with our special English language Course now in Gujrat. This language test is your first step towards your dream. Our course is designed to help you, how to do well in the IELTS exam. Our course strategy will make your learning process easy.

Tips for Success

  • Start Your Journey Early
  • Get Benefits of Adan’s Practice Materials
  • Attend Mock Tests and Feedback Sessions
  • Engage with Tutors
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IELTS Trainer:  Shehriyar Amir

Things to be considered while doing IELTS course at Adan Consultancy

  • Skilled Teachers: Our qualified teachers are well trained and really doing a good job regarding English language test. In short, they are capable and experienced about how to cover everything you need to know about IELTS.
  • two-Months Course: You’ll have a whole month of classes to learn and practice at Adan Consultancy.
  • Mock Tests: We will enable you to have good preparation. Here you will practice regarding four sections of language (listening, reading, speaking and writing). These tests will be like a real exam. So, you will have surety to perform well and score good.
  • Computer Lab: To have practice for online English language test, we have a well-equipped computer lab.
  • Helpful Advice: Our cooperative staff is always here to guide you regarding your test booking and any other problem in your course journey.

After completing your  IELTS course at Adan, you will be able to get better score in all modules (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). So, to learn about the smart ways of attemping exam and how to get good bands in the IELTS test, meet your IELTS teacher: Shehriyar Amir and boost your English skills today.

But wait, there’s something more!


Adan Consultancy also provides classes for the “Pearson Test of English” (PTE), another English test many people like. PTE gives results fast and it is also good for studying abroad and finding jobs.

Advantages of PTE

  • Rapid Results
  • Real-life Language Usage
  • Secure and Impartial Assessment

Where to apply PTE abilities

  • University Admissions
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Work and Immigration Visas

Join us at Adan Consultancy, and start your journey to learn the English language successfully.