Germany offers work visa of 20 in-demand jobs for skilled people in Pakistan

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Free Germany visa for Pakistanis-2023-24

Germany requires workers in departments like construction, farming and transportation. To fulfill the required ratio of manpower, Germany offers work visa of 20 in-demand jobs for skilled people in Pakistan. In fact, despite possessing a strong and established economy, Germany is lacking young population in different fields.

The low birth rate in this country is a basic reason for this serious condition.  That’s why, Germany offers work visa of 20 in-demand jobs for skilled people in Pakistan. So, being a skilled professional, you must avail this opportunity to work abroad, especially in a well-developed country like Germany.

Here, Adan Consultancy facilitates Pakistanis in attaining the opportunity of a free work permit for Germany. We deal with and examine the background details of applicants. We edit your status to ensure your work visa approval. What you are waiting for?

To fix the current situation and maintain its economy, the upcoming foreign workers will have to perform different key roles in sectors like farming, transportation and construction.

There is a list of jobs, which Germany offers

  1. Livestock Farming (Taking care of animals on farms)
  2. Taking care of forests
  3. Growing special plants
  4. Fixing tires and machines
  5. Working with wood and making things for inside houses
  6. Working with metal
  7. Making machines work by themselves (Automation)
  8. Measuring and building things up high (Scaffolding)
  9. Making the inside of houses and walls
  10. Putting in windows (Glazing)
  11. Building pipes for water and gas (Pipeline construction)
  12. Making big containers and machines (Apparatus construction)
  13. Taking care of train tracks (Maintenance of railway infrastructure)
  14. Moving and sending things (Freight forwarding and logistics)
  15. Driving big machines for digging and moving earth
  16. Selling furniture and things for houses like fittings
  17. Selling things
  18. Making food for a lot of people (System catering)
  19. Helping with medicines known as Pharmaceutical technical assistants
  20. Driving buses and trams

Germany wants people from Pakistan to come and do these important jobs and keep its country strong. It also offers different opportunities for Pakistani work visa seekers which are


First and foremost, these jobs will pay you well. Basically, your upcoming salary will depend upon your eligibility and skill. Your extra potential and experience will enable you to get more job options and success in the future. So, no need to worry, just take first step.

Other Jobs Offered by Germany

In case, you are a doctor, tax advisor, lawyer, judge, software maker, risk manager, pilot, professor, project manager, engineer, or sales manager. In this situation, Germany also offers a huge platform for Pakistani skilled professionals to join it and make a future together.

Living Cost in Germany

If you are willing to work and live permanently with your family in Germany, then it is one of the best places to live, as its cost of living is not as high as other developed countries. Here you can easily get an appropriate job offer and surely will get paid well. So, avail offered opportunities as soon as possible.

Start Process for Germany Work Visa at Adan Consultancy

By providing excellent Visa Services regarding the Visa Application Process and Visa Requirements,  Adan Consultancy enables Pakistanis to achieve the opportunity of a free work visa to Germany. Our track record includes a successful visa ratio in Germany including the rejected ones. Our services include:

Timely Submission

Adan consultancy team trusts in accurate and punctual submission. We always focus on minimizing the unnecessary delay. It is our priority to stay up-to-date with your application’s progress.

Regulatory Expertise

Our expert visa consultants navigate different immigration regulations, safeguarding applications from different obstacles. Here our visa consultants deal with and examine the background details and the goals of applicants. After this, we edit your status to ensure the approval of your work visa for Germany.

Why Adan Consultancy only

Adan Consultancy is your pathway to get a work visa for Germany. With excellence in services, we’re your reliable partner. We ensure you a transparent communication along with a regular data submission.

We strictly follow the consultancy roles and regulations and make sure that you can easily get a work visa for Germany. If you still have any confusion about your visa application, not only about this current offer but also for other Visa Services like Ielts, etc, then Adan Consultancy is here to serve you at every single step. So, let us start your new chapter in Germany with awaiting opportunities.

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